10 Best & Worst Drinks for Staining Your Teeth

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If you are looking for beverages that will stain your teeth and require professional teeth whitening to reverse the issue, there are plenty of excellent choices out there. Some will stain faster than others, and may require more treatments to reverse. Here are the Top 10 culprits that are guaranteed to make some sort of teeth whitening treatment necessary.


Many people would not dream of starting the day without a cup of coffee. The only issue is that coffee is considered by many to be the most common beverage for staining teeth. If you enjoy a cup now and then, you will need to visit a teeth whitening clinic in North York eventually. Rest assured that the best teeth whitening once or twice a year will ensure your teeth don’t look dull.


Along with coffee, tea is among the most popular beverages around. It too can stain teeth with relative ease. Fortunately, a teeth whitening dentist can remove the stains with a series of treatments. Is teeth whitening safe? As long as your teeth are in basically good shape, there is no reason why you can’t undergo whitening treatments.

3. Red Wine

Red wine is another favorite that can lead to teeth stains. By all means enjoy a glass when you like. Just remember that brushing may not be enough to prevent stains. Plan on having professional whitening treatments from time to time.

4.Grape Juice

Grape juice will stain the teeth for many of the same reasons that red wine causes stains. Your dentist can help you settle on the best teeth whitening method, including the frequency. Remember that professional teeth whitening options do include treatments at home as well as at the clinic.

5.Tomato Juice

Tomato juice tastes great and is certainly good for you. Unfortunately, the acidic content can cause problems with the teeth. Visiting a teeth whitening clinic in North York at least annually, along with basic dental hygiene, will go a long way toward keeping your teeth looking great. Your dental professional can help you settle on the best teeth whitening procedure for your situation.

6. Cranberry Juice

Another healthy choice loaded with nutrients and antioxidants, cranberry juice can dull your teeth. A teeth whitening dentist can correct the problem, allowing you to enjoy the health benefits while also sporting a beautiful set of teeth.

7. Colas and Other Sodas

Colas and sodas taste great, but no one today believes they provide any nutritional value. They also can leave stains on your teeth. The right type of teeth whitening treatment will remove them with relative ease. Even if you’ve never had a cosmetic teeth whitening treatment series before, they will make your teeth look better than they have in years.

8. White Wine

You may not think white wine would stain the teeth, but it can leave a yellow tint. Fortunately, professional whitening will reverse the effect. Your dentist can help you compare various teeth whitening options and settle on the one that will restore your smile.

9. Sports Drinks

Many sports drinks include artificial colouring and ingredients that can stain the teeth. Using the best teeth whitening method will remove any dull stains and make your teeth brilliant again.

10.Pomegranate Juice

Another healthy beverage, pomegranate juice is just as acidic as many other types of fruit juices. Over time, regular consumption can begin to dull your teeth. Thanks to cosmetic teeth whitening, you can continue enjoying your juice and still have a beautiful smile.

Is teeth whitening safe? It’s one of the safest treatments available today. If you are unhappy with the hue of your teeth, talk with a dentist today. A round of cosmetic teeth whitening may be just what you need.

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