How to Help Your Child Overcome a Fear of Dentists

Overcome Pediatric Dentist Anxiety

Children have many firsts during their lives including their first steps, first words, first day at school and of course their very first visit to a kids dentist. Pediatric dentist anxiety is a common problem in kids’ dentistry.

Both parents and pediatric dentists have important responsibilities when a child is scared of a dentist.

Why do Children Fear Dentists?

It is actually quite normal for kids to be scared of dentists. Some children may be afraid of being separated from their moms or dads while others are cautious of becoming injured. In extreme cases, a child won't even open their mouth at the dentist.

Various factors contribute to your little one’s fear. The most common include:

  • An abnormal fear of pain
  • The sight of dental instruments
  • Not preparing your child for the dentist
  • Parents anxiety

What Can I do to Make My Child Less Anxious About Their First Visit to a Dentist?

As a parent, you probably play the most important part in helping your children overcome the fear of a dentist. These tips can help you make your little one’s appointment at a kids’ dentist less anxious.

Create a Friendly Image of the Dentist

It is of critical importance that parents avoid telling their kids scary stories about their own encounters with their childhood kids’ dentist. They should not allow their apprehensions to become apparent to their young ones’. Moms and dads should also stress the fact that maintaining healthy teeth and gums is essential for keeping a healthy smile. A children’s dentist should be seen as a “friendly face” who will take care of their dental health.

Dental Visits

The support of a parent is enough for an appointment at your kid’s dentist. Most little ones’ are quite comfortable and curious when they visit a children’s dentist for the first time. However, when the mother or father starts to sound frightened while trying to soothe their child, nervousness ensues. Parents should try their best to maintain a calm voice.


We understand that you want to be prepared for every step of your child’s experiences in life. The presence of a confident parent at your kid’s dentist will encourage your young one to enjoy lifelong positive dental experiences.

Our kids' dentist in North York will do their best to ensure your child feels comfortable during his/her visit to our offices.

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