After Wisdom Teeth Removal

After Wisdom Teeth Removal

Undergoing a wisdom teeth removal procedure is a form of surgery. Just as you should prepare properly before the procedure, it makes sense to know what you should do after wisdom tooth extraction. Here are some tips that will help you during the rest of that first day and in several days after wisdom teeth surgery.

Removing the Gauze

Part of the basic wisdom teeth surgery procedure involves using gauze to protect the open space where the wisdom tooth once resided. It also helps move along the clotting process. Many doctors recommend leaving it in place for a half-hour after tooth extraction. After that time gently lift the gauze away from the area and discard it properly.

No Touching or Vigorous Rinsing

It’s only natural for people to be a bit curious after undergoing wisdom teeth surgery. If you feel the temptation to touch the area with your tongue, resist the urge. Doing so could trigger additional bleeding and impede the healing process.

The same is true with rinsing and brushing. While you may normally brush your teeth with gusto and rinse vigorously, now is the time to be gentle. Keep the bristles away from the area and rinse slowly and with care. Doing so allows you to keep the bacteria in your mouth in check while avoiding the possibility of dislodging the blood that has clotted over the open socket.

Using Your Pain Medication

Patients undergoing wisdom teeth surgery in North York often receive prescriptions for pain medication. Your doctor will set a maximum amount you may have per day. When you begin taking the medication is up to you. Some patients may not feel a need to take anything until several hours after the procedure. Once you do begin, follow the doctor’s instructions to the letter and do not exceed the dosage without the express permission of your dental surgeon.

Remember that it may or may not be safe to use an over the counter product to manage the pain. Some pain relievers thin the blood, something you do not need right now. If you want to try something that is not prescription-strength, get recommendations from your dental professional first.

In most cases, you won’t need anything for pain very long after wisdom teeth removal. It’s not unusual for patients to take something in the hours after the surgery and possibly the following day. After that, they may find the pain has lessened to the point that nothing is required.

Take It Easy

Refrain from activities that involve a lot of movement or strain after having wisdom teeth pulled. You definitely want to take it easy the first day. How much you rest after that point depends on the severity of the extraction and the type of work or other activities that are part of your typical routine. Your surgeon may determine you can resume your full routine the following day. If some of those activities do involve strenuous tasks, you may need to limit them for a day or two longer.

Ice Packs Are Your Friend

Ice packs do more than help dull pain. They also help calm irritated tissue, aid in the clotting process, and reduce swelling. All those benefits support the recuperative process. Feel free to start using them after wisdom tooth extraction during the next couple of days. Remember to take breaks from the ice packs from time to time.

What About Bleeding?

As any wisdom teeth specialist will tell you, some bleeding is expected. What you hope to see is that the bleeding slows in the hours after the procedure and continue to do so the following day. If the flow seems to remain constant and shows no signs of easing off, contact the dental team immediately.

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