Wisdom Teeth - Why Take Them Out?

Wisdom Teeth Removal

Wisdom teeth are the hindmost molars found in the back of the row of upper or lower teeth. Generally, a wisdom tooth is referred to as a third molar. While some people never have any issues, others find that the appearance of a wisdom tooth between the middle teenage and early adulthood years can cause problems. So, why take out wisdom teeth? Here are some of the reasons why a young person may require some sort of wisdom teeth removal procedure.


Too many wisdom teeth lead to a condition known as crowding. This is a serious matter, since overcrowding can cause other teeth to lean rather than remain straight. The most practical solution is to arrange for top or bottom wisdom teeth removal as soon as the condition is detected. Doing so will reduce the risk of other dental issues in the years to come.

Surrounding Teeth Sustain Damage

Crowding is not the only problem that can be corrected with a wisdom teeth removal in North York. Choosing to remove that extra tooth will reduce the stress on the surrounding teeth. The presence of an extra molar increases the risk of developing cavities and even increase the potential for bone loss. With the right care from professional wisdom teeth removal places, avoiding these complications is much easier.

Infection or Inflammation

The lack of reasonable space means there is more of a chance of some type of gum disease or infection developing. This places not only the teeth at risk, but also the gum tissue and the bone proper. Since that infection can lead to inflammation that spreads throughout the mouth, it’s best to arrange for adult wisdom teeth removal if there is a recurring issue with infections or inflammation.

Dental Hygiene Issues

Overcrowded teeth do nothing to make the task of dental hygiene easier. Brushing in those areas will be less effective. You’ll also find it more difficult to floss properly. The result is more residue left on and between the crowded teeth. Unless something is done, there is an increased risk of tooth decay and other complications developing. The dentist wisdom teeth removal minimizes these risks and increases the odds that the remaining teeth will be strong and healthy for a long time.

Impacted Wisdom Teeth

Impacted teeth are painful and pave the way for swelling, infection, and other problems. That includes the development of tumors or cysts in the gum and the jawbone. Left untreated, the amount of pain in the joints can be significant. Avoid these issues by arranging for a wisdom teeth removal operation the moment your dentist recommends the procedure.

Whatever the reason for the wisdom teeth removal surgery, rest assured that the patient will recover quickly and that the procedure will improve the overall state of his or her dental health. If you suspect that you or your child is experiencing dental problems because of a wisdom tooth, schedule an examination by calling 416-238-5859 or requesting an appointment online. It won’t take long to isolate the origin of the problem and know if removing a wisdom tooth is the right solution.

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