Wisdom Tooth Removal Instructions - Before Surgery

Before Wisdom Teeth Removal

As with any type of surgical procedure, a wisdom teeth extraction in North York requires some preparation on the front end as well as making plans for the recuperative period. Many of the things you should have in place are simple and won’t take long to arrange. Here’s a list of the more important matters that need attention before you settle into the dental chair and have that additional molar extracted.

Go Over Your Medications With Your Dental Professional

In the weeks prior to the wisdom teeth extraction, go over all your medications with the dental team. That includes over the counter products you take regularly as well as prescription medicines. The goal is to determine if any of those products could lead to complications during the procedure. It may be necessary for you to temporarily stop using them in the days before the surgery.

Anything that thins the blood may need to be avoided for a couple of days. If you are taking medications related to anxiety disorders, avoiding them the day of the procedure may also be recommended. Remember that the dental team wants to ensure the surgery goes well and you do not have to deal with any complications.

Avoid Food or Liquids Before the Procedure

Food and beverages in general should be avoided in the eight hours prior to the extraction. If you enjoy spirits, the wisdom tooth extraction doctor is likely to recommend that you not consume any type of alcohol for at least a full 24 hours before the procedure. Avoiding all liquids and food according to the instructions ensures there is nothing in your stomach to cause problems. In the case of refraining from alcohol consumption, you also avoid the risk of complications with the sedation used during the procedure.

Choose Comfortable Clothing

Loose clothing is a good idea. Consider a short-sleeved shirt and sweatpants. This outfit is comfortable and also makes it easier to take your blood pressure or attach monitoring devices for use during the extraction.

Arrange for Someone to Drive You To and From the Procedure

While you will be awake after the procedure, expect for your senses to be dulled for a few hours. Arrange for someone to drive you to the appointment and get you home safely. If the dental team provides a prescription for pain medication after the surgical removal of wisdom teeth, your friend or relative can secure the medicine for you. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy the ride.

Brush Your Teeth Just Before Arriving

Just before you leave for the appointment, thoroughly brush your teeth and use mouth wash. This helps to reduce the bacteria in the mouth and minimizes the potential for some type of infection.

Take Care of the Basics Prior to the Procedure

Complete a few basic activities before the procedure. That includes a trip to the restroom, taking care of the financial arrangements with the office manager, and asking any remaining questions that you may have about the wisdom tooth extraction surgery. Since things will be a little hazy in the hours immediately following the procedure, you will be glad to have all those chores out of the way in advance.

The removal of wisdom teeth can be necessary for a number of reasons. If you think that some of the discomfort you are experiencing has to do with an extra molar, call us at 416-238-5859 and arrange for a consultation. You can also arrange the appointment by visiting our website. If an extraction is needed, our team will help you schedule the date and provide additional suggestions for before and after the procedure.

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