Everything You Need to Know About Dental Implants

Everything You Need to Know About Dental Implants

The last of your natural teeth are gone and it’s time to talk about replacements. While you thought dentures were your only option, the dentist confirms that dental implants are a possibility. How much do you know about the implants and how they compare to dentures? Here are some essentials that you should consider before making a decision about what to do next.

Implants Replace the Tooth Root

Dentures are designed to rest on your gums. The two plates are held in position using an adhesive that you have to apply every day. Along with the potential issues that are associated with plates that slip out of position, the dentures do nothing to preserve the contour of your gums.

Implants are different. The main body of each implant fills in the sockets where your tooth roots used to reside. That helps to maintain the shape of the gums and prevents your face from shifting into a somewhat sunken look. It doesn’t hurt that the implants won’t shift out of position, so there is no need to deal with messy adhesives and creams each day.

Titanium is Used for the Implant Proper

Implants are made using titanium. The material will not corrode or break down over time. Thanks to the strength, you don’t have to worry about replacing them for a long time. It’s not unusual for the implants to last two or three decades with ease. Depending on your age and how well you do with your basic dental hygiene, it’s possible for those implants to last for the rest of your life.

The crowns or caps that are adhered to the top of each implant are also made of durable materials. Porcelain is a good example. Many people find that the caps last just as long as the implants. While you could still bite on something hard and crack a cap, it’s easy enough to have a new one made.

Implants Feel and Look More Like the Real Thing

Compared to dentures, there is no doubt that dental implants in North York look more like real teeth. That’s because each cap is customized to look like a perfectly formed tooth. You can rest assured the proportion, length, and other factors are taken into consideration when each cap is produced. The result is that you won’t have the slight bulge that sometimes happens when a set of dentures are not quite the right size.

In terms of how they feel in your mouth, most people report they get used to implants quickly. Part of that is because you still brush the implants like you once brushed your teeth. They also remain in place without any type of adhesive, and don’t shift as you run your tongue along them.

There is More Than One Type of Implant

Individual implants are popular, but there is one other implant option to consider. Your dentist may want to talk about all on 4 implants. This process involves installing four implants along the gum. The placement helps your gums to retain the original contours. A plate with custom caps is attached to those four implants. In many cases, the plate can be prepared in advance and you can have everything done during the same dental appointment.

Are you facing life without natural teeth? Don’t assume dentures are your only choice. Talk with a dental professional about implants and what they would do for you. This solution may be exactly what you want.

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