How to Ease Wisdom Teeth Pain After Surgery

How to Ease Wisdom Teeth Pain After Surgery

Wisdom teeth removal is a little more complex than removing other teeth. Expect to experience some discomfort in the days after the procedure. Your dental professional will provide specific instructions on how to manage pain after a wisdom teeth removal in North York, and you can bet that these suggestions will be part of the mix. Prepare for these ahead of time and your recovery should go smoothly.

Ice is Your Friend

On the day of your wisdom tooth extraction, have plenty of crushed ice on hand. You’ll want to prepare a compress and hold it to the cheek closest to the extraction site. The cold will help minimize swelling and ease a lot of the discomfort. If you forget and don’t prepare any ice packs before your wisdom teeth surgery in North York, using a bag of frozen peas will accomplish the same result.

Know When to Change the Dressing

The wisdom teeth dentist will likely apply some packing to the now empty socket. That helps to protect the opening and staunch the bleeding during those first few hours. Your goal is to know when the time comes to change the dressing. The professional who performs the wisdom teeth removal surgery will provide suggestions of when to check the dressing, how to know it’s time to change it, and usually provides the materials you will need.

While some people can remove that first set of dressing and not need to apply anything else, always seek the recommendation of the dental professional. Depending on how complex the wisdom teeth removal procedure happens to be, you may be instructed to apply a second round of dressing and leave it in place for another day.

Take Your Pain Meds as Instructed

There’s a reason that your wisdom teeth dentist in North York provided a prescription for pain medication. That medication typically does more than ease discomfort. It can also help prevent infection and reduce inflammation safely. Even if your upper wisdom teeth removal went smoothly, take the medication as instructed. You may be feeling just fine after your top or bottom wisdom teeth removal, but failing to take the entire round of medication could increase the odds of complications.

Keep Your Head Elevated

During the three days after your wisdom teeth procedure, keep your head elevated. Even as you sleep, your head should be a little higher than the rest of your body. The wisdom teeth specialist will explain why this is important and how it will help keep the pain a little more manageable.

Avoid Dry Mouth at All Costs

Dry mouth is not something you want to develop after wisdom tooth extraction surgery. That’s because it increases the chance for bacteria to build up, and also leaves you more susceptible to a dry socket. If you thought there was pain before, try living with a dry socket. The oral surgeon doing the wisdom teeth removal will provide guidelines on how to keep your mouth and the socket properly hydrated.

Taking proper care of yourself in the aftermath of a wisdom teeth surgery procedure does not have to be difficult. It does require taking proper care of yourself. Take the advice of the dental team carefully and let them know if anything unusual happens. In the best-case scenario, you will feel a lot better in just a few days.

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