Top 3 Reasons You Should Get Your Wisdom Teeth Out Sooner Rather Than Later

Top 3 Reasons You Should Get Your Wisdom Teeth Out Sooner Rather Than Later

There is a difference of opinion among medical experts about when wisdom teeth should be removed. One camp suggests that the best approach is to wait until an issue develops and then arrange for the extraction. Others prefer a more proactive strategy. If you are wondering why some experts recommend removal sooner rather than later, here are three of the more important reasons.

Avoiding Possible Infection

One of the things about wisdom teeth is that they can make the area in the back of the mouth a bit crowded. That can increase the possibility of some sort of gum infection developing. Proponents of removing wisdom teeth earlier point out that people who do make this decision seem to have fewer issues with infection than those who hang onto the teeth for longer periods. For many, the difference is to recommend a tooth extraction while the patient is still in his or her teens.

Remember that a gum infection at an earlier age does more than damage the tissue. It can also have an adverse effect on the maturation of the jawbone itself. During the earlier years, the bone is softer and still in the process of development. An infection could slow down that maturing process and create additional problems long after the infection is treated.

Preventing Potential Damage to Second Molars

The crowding can cause more than an infection. Thanks to the collection of plaque and other residue in the area, the potential for the second molars to develop decay is stronger. Even with frequent brushing, the residue can be trapped in tiny areas that are hard to reach. The best approach according to those who urge proactive action is to remove the wisdom tooth.

Thanks to alleviating the crowding, it is easier for the second molar to come in perfectly straight, and for the patient to brush more effectively. Getting rid of more residue also means the possibility of cavities in the back of the mouth is reduced. Consider that these are the teeth most people use to chew their food, keeping them as healthy as possible makes a lot of sense.

Removal While the Bones is Softer But Still Resilient is Safer

All the way to around age 20, the jawbone is somewhat softer than it will be in later years. That is not to say it’s brittle; in fact, the bone is quite resilient. The softness does make it possible to manage the wisdom teeth removal with less difficulty. There’s also a lower risk of pain for the patient, and less chance of causing any damage to the jawbone proper.

If you would like to know more about the reasons behind having wisdom teeth removed as early as the teenage years, contact dentist office a in North York today. Arrange to sit down with a dentist and go over the idea of proactive treatment. Bring along your teen and set up a full dental examination. The results may indicate that now is the right time to move forward with the extraction.

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