What Are The Benefits of All On Four Dental Implants?

What Are The Benefits of All On Four Dental Implants?

It didn’t take long to decide that you preferred dental implants to dentures. Now the question is what sort of implants would be best. Opting for the All on 4 seems to provide quite a few benefits. In fact, this solution is growing in popularity. Here are some of the advantages that will be yours by choosing this type of implant.

Faster Pathway to a Beautiful Smile

You could go through a process that involves the installation of an individual dental implant in North York to replace each of your natural teeth. While the result looks and functions well, this method will take quite a bit of time. Going with the four implants plus the plate that’s attached is a much faster solution.

Once those four implants are in position, it’s a matter of attached a plate that looks like a full set of upper or lower teeth. In many cases, the process can be completed in one to two days. Compare that to the weeks or months it would take to install a series of individual implants and caps. Who wouldn’t like to have a beautiful smile again after a couple of days?

Fully Functioning Teeth in a Fraction of the Time

It’s not just the fact that your smile is back so quickly. There’s the actual function to consider. Given how quickly the implants and plates can be in position, you get the benefit of being able to chew sooner, and do so in comfort. Of all the oral surgery procedures you could choose for replacing lost teeth, this is the one that restores the function faster than any other.

Eating Whatever You Like (Within Reason)

One of the things you’ll love about all on four dental implants is that you can eat whatever you like. The only real restrictions are the same ones that applied when you had real teeth. It’s still not a good idea to bite into anything that’s too hard, or allow yourself to chew on ice. Essentially, anything the dentist told you to not chew when you had real teeth is still off limits. Otherwise, you can eat anything without worrying about the plate slipping out of position or being overly concerned about damaging the plate.

Easy to Care for Your New Teeth

The plates attached to the implants are much easier to care for than a set of dentures. In fact, you can use a toothbrush and your favorite toothpaste to keep them in top shape. You still should brush after meals and use mouthwash to keep everything relatively free of excess bacteria. Remember that you still need an annual exam and should go in once or twice each year to have a cleaning. In other words, your dental hygiene efforts will be much like they were when there were still real teeth present.

These are only a few of the advantages you get to enjoy by choosing this combination of implants and plate. Talk with your dental professional and learn more about the installation process, what to expect in the days after the surgery, and how they will work in the years ahead. It won’t take long to see why this implant solution is the right one for you.

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