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Little Mouths are a BIG Deal!

Going to the dentist can be scary or traumatic experience for some children. Whether they are fearful or very young, in need of routine preventive care or more extensive restorative work, at Summit Heights Dental our staff are well trained and experienced to make sure your little one's first trip to the our office is a good one. Feel comfortable knowing that your children are in good hands and make sure they grab something special from our toy box on the way out!

At our dental clinic in North York, our kids dentists work with you to ensure your children have the best care and the chance to develop dental habits that serve them well for the rest of their lives. Thanks to our individualized approach, each child receives the treatments and attention they need. Here are a few of the ways we take good care of your children.

Preventive Care

Preventive care is not just for adults. It’s important that the children begin to develop practical dental hygiene as their permanent teeth begin to appear. Much of our kids dental care is focused on identifying potential issues and taking care of them before problems appear. Doing so provides the opportunity to make sure the teeth are strong even as we help you teach the kids proper dental hygiene.

At times, measures must be taken to prevent an emerging issue from becoming worse. For example, braces may be recommended early on to prevent teeth from becoming more crooked. We may also recommend removing a tooth when the gum seems a bit crowded. The goal is to make sure your child has a set of teeth that are sturdy, even, and attractive. To that end, our kids dentist in North York will provide tips on getting the kids to brush and suggestions on what sort of treatments will improve the teeth for the future.

Treatment of Dental Cavities

Should a cavity develop, the team of kids dentists in our dental clinic in North York will know what to do. By taking advantage of our preventive care methods, it’s easier to detect cavities in the early stages. That’s important, since it’s much easier to deal with a cavity before it can destroy a large portion of the tooth and maybe damage the dentin and root.

Depending on the severity of the cavity, a simple filling may be sufficient. If a crown is needed in addition to the filling, our team will explain the process to you and your child. We always use terms that make it easier for your child to understand why we’ll use certain methods to deal with the cavity.

Extractions for Kids

Extractions can occur for a number of reasons. Perhaps the teeth are crowded and removing one will improve the odds that the rest will be straight. A cavity that has destroyed much of the tooth may need to be removed and replaced with some type of implant. Wisdom teeth removal is a common practice that has the potential to improve overall dental health.

Whatever the reason for the extraction, the team of children’s dentist at our dental clinic understand that this kind of procedure can be scary for little ones. That’s why we talk with your child and explain what to expect, answer any questions he or she may have, and in general help them know why the extraction is a good thing. Since we take dentistry for kids seriously, making sure they know what is happening and why is important to us.

Is your child in need of some type of dental treatment? Call us today at 416-238-5859 and make an appointment. You can also visit our website and submit a request for an appointment online. With the team at Summit Heights Dental on your side, you can rest assured that your child has access to the best dentist for kids in North York. In less time than you thought possible, the issue will be corrected and your child will once again enjoy excellent dental health.

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