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We can now replace multiple or single teeth using dental implants faster and with more predictable results and shorter healing times.

Today’s digital dental technology allows most patients to replace teeth with dental implants quickly and with little discomfort. In some cases patients can transition to their new permanent smile in just one day.

Are you embarrassed to laugh or smile in public? Are you in constant dental discomfort or pain? Has your mouth been affected by gum disease? Gingivitis? Periodontal (bone) disease? If this sounds like your situation, all on 4 implant dentistry may be a permanent solution for your mouth. All on 4 is a medical/dental procedure where your dentist places a fixed bridge or denture that is supported by dental implants. We call this procedure all on 4 because we normally use 4 or more implants to secure your new teeth.

Believe it or not, the entire all on 4 dental implant procedure can often be completed in just one day! Using new technology, we are able to extract the existing teeth, place the implants, and actually place a temporary bridge all in the same day.

This means that in just one day, we can give you a beautiful, functional smile without any parts that you need to remove at night.

All on 4 Advantages & Disadvantages


  • function comparable to your natural teeth
  • Often no need for grafting of bone or tissue
  • Temporary bridge can be provided the same day as surgery;you never have to be without teeth
  • Replaces the entire tooth; roots and crowns, in one day
  • Removes infections and diseased areas of gum and bone
  • Helps to preserves healthy bone other tissues
  • You cannot get cavities!
  • We can customize a beautiful and natural smile
  • You are able to eat the same foods as with your natural teeth
  • Easy to clean at home using toothbrush and waterpik
  • Your dentist can remove easily for your yearly checkup and for your hygienist to clean around the implants


  • Time - there is a healing period of approximately 4-6mths before a permanent bridge can be placed
  • This procedure does require surgery, usually with sedation

All On 4 - Before & After

Other services we provide

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